Athletic Intelligence Quotient

Athletic Intelligence Quotient (AIQ)

The Athletic Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) was developed as a tool to measure cognitive abilities that determine athletic success and failure–while providing an in-depth and sport-specific analysis of each score. The four main components of the AIQ are visual processing, memory, reaction time, and processing speed. The Athletic Intelligence Quotient is a unique psychology assessment because it was designed specifically for athletes. Unlike other tools, the AIQ does not rely on self-report or reports from others; instead, the athletes must demonstrate their skills. Drs. Anderson and Wagener are trained in the AIQ and can help athletes and teams to better understand their athletic abilities through individual and/or group sessions.

What It Is

  • A specific intelligence psychological test geared towards understanding an athlete’s mental capabilities
  • Measures the cognitive abilities central to athletic performance
  • Provides an understanding of an athlete’s processing speed, reaction time, memory, and visual processing


What It Does

  • Predicts an athlete’s ability to master new skills and strategies
  • Determines whether an athlete can adapt to unpredicted situations
  • Measures an athlete’s skill of adjusting to a constantly changing environment
  • Provides coaches with detailed scores on each player’s athletic intelligence


Why It’s Valuable

  • Increases practice efficiency
  • Provides insight on an athlete’s ability to succeed



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