Premier Sport Psychology FAQ
1. How do I know if I or my child could benefit from sport psychology?

The short answer is…. everyone can benefit from exercising their “mental muscles” and optimizing their mindset in sport or in life.  The long answer is…(to name a few) if you feel you are not reaching your potential or want to reach new heights, want to be more consistent/focused, if you feel stressed, anxious, afraid or unhappy with your performances/life, have suffered from an injury related to sport/are recovering from an injury, are transitioning out of sport, or just want to improve your confidence or enjoyment…then yes, sport psychology could be beneficial.

Are you a parent of a youth athlete and wondering more about what happens in sessions?  Click here for more information.

2. Do I need to have a referral from my primary care provider or coach, or need to have a mental health diagnosis to have a sport psychology session?

Absolutely not!  While we are a referral source throughout the Twin Cities Sports Medicine community, we do not require that any of our clients is specifically referred to us or has a mental health diagnosis (many of our clients don’t).  We see a wide range of clients who want to focus on anything from mindset restoration to performance optimization – each individual’s path and purpose is different.

3. How do I get scheduled for a sport psychology session (or book a team presentation/workshop)?

In order to get scheduled for your first session (or to inquire about a presentation/workshop), please call Premier’s office at 952.835.8513 or email  Any one of our front office staff are there to answer your questions and to understand your needs.  We’ll work together to find a provider that we feel is the best fit for you or your child.

Each sport psychology session is about 50 minutes in length, and our hours of operation for sessions is 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday.  We offer presentations/workshops during our normal business hours, but also offer evenings or weekends if needed.  (Presentation/workshop duration & rates vary.)  We aim to return all messages within 1-2 business days, so please leave us methods of contacting you that you feel most comfortable with.

4. What do you do in a sport psychology session?

Every session is different and tailored to the person!  In the first session, you will provide us with background information about yourself and what you want to work on, we will talk about what we think might be useful, and then together, we will set an action plan for how to help you reach your goals.

5. How many sessions are needed?

Every individual is different, so we tailor the number of sessions to fit both the person and their needs.  We have seen individuals make progress in just 3-5 sessions, whereas others need more or want to use it more consistently (such as during their competitive season or prior to a big event).  Often, individuals will have many sessions because they enjoy using sport psychology services over the course of their sport/performance careers to “keep up” with their mental training…just as they would physical training.  There is no ‘typical’ number of sessions, and many of our high-level performers and clients utilize sport psychology throughout the year – regardless of their season.

6. How involved are parents in sport psychology sessions?

Depending on the athlete, parent(s) may choose to attend sessions or may be asked to attend if we feel it is important in helping your child.  At other times, we might specifically ask to work one-on-one with your child.  In these cases, we routinely take time to fill you in about what was worked on.  With individuals under 12, it is usually recommended to have parents present in nearly all sessions.

7. Will my health insurance cover services?

Premier Sport Psychology does not accept direct payment from insurance companies, which means that we cannot submit to your insurance provider.  If you are looking to be fully or partially reimbursed by your insurance company for services rendered, and you have received a mental health diagnosis from one of our sport psychologists, you will be responsible for submitting claims to your insurer.  We can provide you with itemized receipts in order to submit a claim, but cannot guarantee that your insurance provider will reimburse you.  For most insurance companies, we are considered “out of network” providers, so the cost of services will be out of pocket.  If you are planning to submit a claim to your insurance provider, you may want to contact them first and discuss your benefits. Some helpful questions to ask are: Does my plan cover mental health services?  If so, do you cover out of network providers?  Do I have a session limit?

Many of our clients who don’t have insurance that will reimburse/cover the cost of sessions use their Health Savings or Flex Spending (HSA/FSA) to pay for services.  However, we strongly recommend checking in with your insurance provider to ask what specifically you can use those accounts for, as many insurance companies have restrictions.  We can process payment from an HSA/FSA via credit or debit card.

8. Can I pay for sessions with a credit card?

We are a small business, and prefer cash or checks.  However, we gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

9. Where are you located?

We are located in Edina, Minnesota – our office is close to Interstate 494 and Highway 100.  Our address is:

7401 Metro Blvd Suite 510
Edina, MN 55439

10. Do you have any other offices in the Twin Cities? What if I can't make the drive for each of my appointments?

Unfortunately, we do not have multiple locations.  While our providers often have rotations at other locations, we cannot provide services to you there.  If distance is a factor, we can offer sessions via tele-consult when appropriate.  However, we try to see all of our clients in person, as we find the sessions more effective that way.  If you’re interested in remote/tele-consult sessions, we will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate you.

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