Office Coordinator

Premier Sport Psychology is pleased to announce an opening for an Office Coordinator position.


The objective of the Office Coordinator is to support our clients, staff and overall business through client scheduling and support, maintenance of files and records, supporting team members with various administrative tasks, and following office workflow procedures to ensure maximum efficiency.

Classification and Status:

Entry-Level, Full-Time (approximately 40 hours per week)

Education and Compensation:

Minimum of 2-year degree (associates) required, with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in customer service-related role. Position is salaried; wages dependent on experience and training.

Key Skills Required:

The Office Coordinator must possess and be proficient in the following skills or qualities: basic administrative duties, basic computer skills (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.), accounting software (Quickbooks), customer service and satisfaction (client-first mentality), ability to successfully manage stressful situations professionally, relationship-building and team-oriented, positive attitude and open to feedback (solution-oriented), ability to clearly and effectively communicate, self-accountability and initiative (including self-motivation and the ability to work independently), ability to anticipate and respond to the needs of clients and staff, organized and a strong attention to detail, multi-tasking/ability to sequence several projects/tasks, professional, ethical (confidential) and time-conscious, honest, and committed to the values of the organization.


The Office Coordinator at Premier Sport Psychology is the “face” of our business, and the first contact for our clients (in person, via phone and/or email). They ensure that Premier is organized and capable to conduct business each day, and strive to keep our office functioning and presentable to the highest level at all times. They prioritize customer service and satisfaction by creating a warm, welcoming environment for every client, colleague and visitor by maintaining the overall cleanliness, appearance and overall functioning of our office, and by providing Premier Service to every individual entering our doors or interacting with our business. This includes supporting the staff, clients and business needs of Premier Sport Psychology, and our sister company, JSA Advising (which also operates and serves clientele on-location).


The Office Coordinator is responsible for multiple tasks and projects, which may, at times, shift based on the nature of the business and the needs of the clients. Major responsibilities include, but are not limited to: daily maintenance of the office (i.e. general upkeep/cleaning, inventory and reordering of office supplies, opening/set-up, etc.), answering phones/emails and addressing client needs (i.e. scheduling, documentation/receipts, etc.), meeting and greeting visitors, maintaining filing systems (i.e. documentation/files for providers, Quickbooks/basic bookkeeping activities, updates to paperwork, etc.), supporting the needs and requests of our staff (i.e. research, running errands, preparing workshops/presentations, etc.), tracking projects/clients (and invoicing, as needed), assisting in the coordination of internship efforts (i.e. reviewing applicants, aiding in candidate selection, development and support of projects, etc.), planning and coordinating in-house and/or off-site company events or meetings, participation and coordination of social media, marketing and website efforts, participation and documentation of internal/staff meetings (including maintaining active project list/action items), purchasing, administration and report generation of all assessments and tools used (e.g. FIRO-B, PCM, TKI, etc.), support for meetings and events held on-location (i.e. scheduling, procurement/set-up of meeting space, materials, etc.) coordinating with subcontractors and vendors, and coordinating with the Office Manager (and other staff) on projects, tasks, etc.

If interested in the position, please submit the following items:

Premier Sport Psychology Employment Application
Cover Letter
Resume/Curriculum Vitae

All Questions and submissions should be referred to:

ATTN: Taylor Finley
Premier Sport Psychology
7401 Metro Blvd, Suite 510
Edina, MN 55439