Scheduling Appointments
1. If you are interested in scheduling a session with any of our sport psychologists, booking a team workshop, or arranging a presentation:

Please call Premier’s office, 952.835.8513, to speak with our office staff, Taylor and Kayla, or email We schedule sessions Monday-Friday, but can do presentations/workshops on weekends. We aim to return messages within 1-2 business days. Sport psychology sessions are typically 50 minutes in length. Presentation/workshop duration & rates vary.

2. How much does a sport psychology session cost?

We offer sessions at $175/session and packages of 5 sessions for $750 ($150/session).

3. How much does a presentation cost?

Presentation/workshop rates vary, so please contact us for more information.

4. Will health insurance cover sport psychology services?

Premier Sport Psychology, PLLC does not accept direct payment from insurance companies. If you are looking to be fully or partially reimbursed by your insurance company for services rendered and you have received a mental health diagnosis from one of our sport psychologists, you will be responsible for submitting claims to your insurer. Premier Sport Psychology, PLLC can provide you with the necessary paperwork in order to submit a claim.  For most insurance companies, we are considered “out of network” providers. If you are planning to submit a claim to your insurance provider, you may want to contact them first and discuss your benefits. Some helpful questions to ask are: Does my plan cover mental health services? If so, do you cover out of network providers? Do I have a session limit?

5. What do you do in a sport psych session?

Every session is different and tailored to the person! In the first session, you will provide us with background information about yourself and what you want to work on, we will talk about what we think might be useful and then together, we will set an action plan for how to help you reach your goals. Are you a parent of a youth athlete and are wondering more about what happens in sessions? Click here for more information.

6. Where are you located?

7401 Metro Blvd Suite 510
Edina, MN 55439