Group / Teamwork

Premier offers a variety of services to teams tailored to meet their needs and support their goals. This comes in many forms, including coach consultations, mindset optimization workshops, presentations, team building sessions, team leadership development, and more.

Group or team meetings are efficient and engaging ways to bring mindset training to a group of athletes and/or coaches. They can provide athletes with individualized skills training, awareness on group/team dynamics, and tools to foster a culture and supportive environment among the team. Team settings are experiential and interactive, benefitting athletes as they are able to learn from each other.

What skills and concepts would be covered in team/group sessions?

Each session is highly customized, with our sport psychologists getting upfront input from the coaching staff or management team. Group or team sessions can include athletes and/or coaches, depending on the group. Topics include, but are not limited to:

– Trust
– Team dynamics
– Leadership
– Team values
– Team norms
– Building team commitment
– Coach and player behavioral styles and preferences
– Communication and feedback among players and coaches
– Mental toughness
– Responsibility and accountability
– Growth mindset
– Goal setting
– Understanding team roles

What are the benefits of team/group work?

Team/group sessions are a unique venue for players and coaches to create a shared vision for their team that they can all be responsible and accountable for. Group work allows team members better understand each other operate in the sport (what motivates them, how they like to play, what feedback is helpful, what role they take on the team, etc.).

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