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Jenny Barringer Simpson is an Olympic/World Champion middle distance runner who falters in the 6,000 meter race at the 2009 NCAA cross country championships after she gets passed by another runner.  She was expected to win the race by 30 seconds. She finished in 163rd place. Watch this video to see the power of an athlete’s “mindset.

Jenny is one of the most decorated athletes ever to run at the collegiate level. Watch this video for her explanation of why she didn’t run as well as she wanted her senior year. She states that the biggest difference in this championship race versus other races she won was, “I was just hoping to get this race over with” versus running with the excitement and passion as she had for all of her competitions in the past. A lot of life events contributed to this slight/subtle change in her mindset… those variables can stack-up against athletes and change outcomes from 1st to 163rd.

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