Chrissy Holm

Chrissy Holm

Chrissy is Premier Sport Psychology’s Leadership and Mental Performance Consultant.  She has been closely involved in developing the Premier Sport Psychology Leadership and Resilience curriculum and is an experienced consultant in supporting athletes and coaches in their leadership development journeys.

Experience, Education, and Training

Christine “Chrissy” Holm, MSc specializes in Counseling and Sport and Performance Psychology.  She is also a former assistant women’s rowing coach at the University of Minnesota from 2015-2019.  She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology and communication studies from the University of Michigan (May 2014) and went on to achieve a master’s degree in sport and exercise psychology from Brunel University London in the UK (September 2015).  She is a former NCAA national champion and world champion in rowing, representing Team USA at the Under-23 level.  Chrissy enjoys blending her practical experiences as an elite athlete with rigorous study in the field of sport and exercise psychology to provide cutting-edge mental health guidance and coaching to the athletes she serves.  While coaching at the University of Minnesota, for instance, she designed and implemented a mental performance training program for the rowing team.  She is also an experienced mental health practitioner, specializing in adults with anxiety and depression, and has developed telehealth implementation strategies and training used by thousands of practitioners across the state.  At Premier Sport Psychology, Chrissy is a leadership consultant and content/curriculum developer, specializing in the challenges faced by athletes at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.  She has facilitated workshops and retreats on leadership, emotional intelligence, values-based performance, and mindfulness to student-athletes and coaches at the high school and university levels, and developed programming for clients in the professional ranks.  Additionally she is a yoga instructor helping her athletes gain flexibility, body awareness, and focus, to achieve consistent results.

Athletic Experience

Chrissy grew up in North Oaks, MN and attended Hill-Murray High School, graduating in 2009.  She earned varsity letters in basketball, track and field, lacrosse, cross-country, with basketball as her primary sport.  However, her favorite sport to play growing up was ice hockey.  In college, she went on to try out for the women’s rowing team at University of Michigan and competed for four years on varsity.  During her time at Michigan, she won a Big Ten Championship, NCAA National Championship, and in 2012 won a gold medal for Team USA at the U-23 World Rowing Championships in the W8+ event.  While getting her master’s degree in London, she competed for Brunel University’s netball team where she played goal shooter.  Chrissy will try any new sport and eagerly takes on challengers for a pick-up game of Horse.

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