Dr. Justin Anderson

Dr. Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson, Psy.D., LP is the director and founder of Premier Sport Psychology, based in Minneapolis, MN. He is a licensed psychologist who specializes in High Performance Psychology and Leadership. Over the last twenty years, he’s had the opportunity to work with the best of the best in sport and in business. He’s helped countless professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes gain an advantage in their mindset and mental preparation. “Our biggest opponent is often ourselves…Having your mind work for you, rather than against you, is the key to any elite performance.”

Experience, Education, and Training

Premier Sport Psychology is currently contracted by several professional and Olympic teams/organizations where Dr. Anderson and the rest of the Premier team do psychological profiling for NBA/NFL drafts, as well as individual and team development work to improve performance and wellness. In addition, Premier Sport Psychology currently provides all in-house sport psychology services to the University of Minnesota Athletic Department. Prior to opening Premier Sport Psychology, he was employed by several NCAA Division I Universities (in Tennessee and Texas) as a psychologist and sport psychology consultant. Dr. Anderson earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, a Master’s degree in Education/Sport Psychology from Boston University, and a Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Thomas (MN).

Presentations and Media

Dr. Anderson is a frequent keynote speaker at many national sport and business conferences where he shares stories of how the best of the best compete and manage adversity. He has been interviewed by a number of national media publications discussing topics related to sport/high performance psychology, wellness, and leadership (see a sampling of his interviews and presentations).

License and Certifications

Dr. Anderson is licensed by the Minnesota Board of Psychology as a psychologist. He is also a Certified Trainer in the Process Communication Model (PCM) from Kahler Communications, DISC for Athletes, Athletic Intelligence Quotient (AIQ), and many other psychological tools and assessments that can help his clients gain awareness and insights on how to use their strengths to enhance their performance, leadership, and communication skills.

Athletic Experience

Dr. Anderson was a collegiate football quarterback at University of Minnesota-Duluth and a three-sport athlete (football, basketball, baseball) in high school. He currently loves to play golf and play sports with his two daughters.