DISC In Sport

DISC In Sport

The DISC model is a behavioral–not personality– psychology assessment, measuring four traits: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. It works with different personalities to change behaviors in order to improve performance and develop self-awareness. There are three separate DISC profiles available, each of which is tailored to a distinct role within a sports organization (AthleteDISC, CoachDISC, and Sports ManagerDISC). The DISC helps give individuals the tools they need to enhance their strengths and work with others in a cooperative way.

What It Is

  • A unique online psychology assessment of a person’s personality and behaviors
  • Each report is tailored to the individual


What It Does

  • Measures observable, external behavior
  • Determines how such behavior affects a person’s performance
  • Highlights strengths to utilize for performance
  • Identifies areas for improvement for increased performance
  • Increases self-awareness


Why It’s Valuable

  • Gives the individual a course of action towards improving their performance
  • Increased self-awareness leads to effective behavior change and decision making
  • Improves team dynamics through an understanding of all personalities involved
  • Promotes connection among team members
  • Allows leaders to recognize the value in all team members


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